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A Mother’s Tale: Being Happy Despite the Pain

Fibromyalgia is a painful disease to have, affecting many of your physical activities. Being a mother with such a disease presents an even bigger challenge. If that’s not enough of a load to bear, the situation is made even more difficult when you have a bipolar spouse. This is not exactly the […]


The Most Challenging Issues Parents Face and How You Can Handle Them

The hardest experience any mom can face is watching her child struggle without stepping in to “fix” things for them; particularly when you know it’s the best way forward. However, the bitter truth still remains that in some natural situations, even as a perfect mom; you cannot protect your child from pain, discomfort and some …

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10 Ways To Be Happy Despite A Chronic Pain Condition

When you suffer from a chronic pain condition such as Fibromyalgia, you can find yourself in a never-ending cycle. This cycle involves feeling stressed because of the pain, the stress causing anxiety, the anxiety making the pain feel more intense, and then, pain in turn increasing the stress. Pain, anxiety and stress all make you …

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When Your Emotions Become Like Ticking Bombs

So, where does disease come from? How does it get manifested in your body in the first place? Do environment and diet really play key roles in causing disease? If all the information that has been preached to us about disease and health is true, then how is it that a person such as myself …


Help Your Child Make Good Choices: Lead by Example

Children are always watching and imitating what they see their parents and other caregivers do. No matter what you say to them or around them, what you do is more significant. To lead by example, remain aware of the way you act around your child every day.

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It Pays To Fight Dirty

I feel your pain. I’ve been there. Through the months spent bedridden because I was too sick to walk across the room. The years writhing in pain as I try to fall asleep. Feeling so isolated, so scared. Hundreds of doctor appointments, thousands of hours spent worrying. More diagnoses than I care to recall, none …

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Does Your Fibromyalgia Define You As A Mom?

Fibromyalgia doesn’t define you as a person or as a mom. A mom is always a mom no matter if she has fibromyalgia or not. A mom will always do anything in her power to keep their kids safe, healthy, happy, secured, safe. This is the role you have as a mom and there is no chronic disease that is going to take it away from you.

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How To Get Started Keeping A Journal

Starting to journal isn’t difficult and the fun begins when you make the decision to start. From finding the perfect tools to expressing yourself in a natural and effortless way, you will be on your way to recording important history about your life before you know it.


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